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Nubian Goats

Our Policies and Conditions

If you are interested in adding a few Nubian goats to your herd, please note some of our policies. Our ranch firmly believes that the welfare of animals is of utmost importance. Therefore, we have a few conditions when considering sales. First, we never disbud our goats: our philosophy is that God gave them horns for a reason, and we are good with that.

Kids are available throughout the year. However, we do not sell only one goat to buyers because they are herd animals that are happier and healthier when they are around other animals of their kind. 

If you have any questions or would like to see our herd, please visit our ranch in Lampasas, TX. Contact us for an appointment.

Meet Our Nubian Dairy Goats in Lampasas, TX

At Lone Star Goats, we breed and raise livestock that brings joy to others. When you visit our ranch, you will meet animals that allow you to pursue your goals. We sell Nubian dairy goats in Lampasas, TX. These goats are a popular breed, thanks in large part to their gentle and friendly demeanor. Also, they are
highly prized for their milk production. We encourage you to visit our property and meet these sweet animals. 

Nubian goats are a full-sized dairy goat breed. As a large breed, these goats began as dual-purpose livestock meant to supply both milk and meat. Over successive generations, their milk lines were more emphasized by breeders. Today, they are no longer considered meat goats. Regardless, their fleshy constitutions are a reminder of their dual-purpose days. 

These goats produce milk that is excellent for cheese because their milk is flavorful and has high butterfat content. While these milking goats are well-known for what they provide in milk, they also make sweet pets. Goats thrive as a herd, and they love to be around each other. They are also curious and have generally friendly personalities.

These goats provide all the milk we need for our Soap Business.  https://WWW.OAKHILLSOAP.COM

Our Nubian Does

Abigail annabelle meghan
Abigail Annabelle Meghan

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nubian trio 2.jpg nubian trio 3.jpg