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Savanna Goats

Savanna Goats in Lampasas, TX

Generally, we offer both spring and fall kids for sale, so check with us for availability. 

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In order for goats to cross statelines, a health certificate provided by a certified veteranarian and a SCRAPIE tag are required. Health certificate is at the buyers expense. Payment is required 10 working days prior to pickup in the form of a Bank Cashier Check  made out to Lynn Akers.

 Information for the Texas SCRAPIE Program can be found at https://www.tahc.texas.gov/Animal_health/Sheep-goats


A Hardy Goat Breed

The Savanna goat (also spelled Savannah goat) is a meat goat breed with origins in South Africa. The Savanna White Goat is a strong, virile, functionally efficient goat with excellent meat qualities. Bred to withstand the harsh conditions of the South African veld, the Savanna breed endures extremes of heat, intense sunshine, cold, and rain, making the Savanna a goat with unmatched hardiness. They adapt to environments well, and once acclimated require little intervention.   

Savanna Features

  • Exceptional Mothering skills
  • Parasite tolerance
  • Aggressive Foragers
  • Very Aggressive Breeders
  • Vigorous, fast-growing kids
  • Less Producer input
  • Strong legs and hoofs
  • Higher weaning weights
  • Improved muscle carcass yields
  • Excellent for crossbreeding adding muscle

Contact us if you would like to add this very hardy breed to your herd.

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Purebred and Pedigree International Registered Savanna Goats at Lone Star Goats Farm

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Texas Savannas RUT M61

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Texas Savanna M61